Friday, October 31, 2014

{Book Review} Haunted by Maris Soule

by Maris Soule
Publisher: Self
Released: November 27th 2012
Genre:Fiction- Adult: Romantic Suspense
How I got it: Recived a copy via the author

Jason McLain, Hollywood's award winning special effects artist, was accused of killing his wife. A jury acquitted him, but the media crucified him. When he moved north to a small town in the Sierra Nevada, he thought he'd left the world of special effects behind him. But Valerie Wiggins, the local optometrist, has other plans. She's on the committee for the Women in Need's (WIN) haunted house, their annual money raiser, and she knows they need something spectacular if they're going to get people to come to their haunted house.
Neither Jason nor Valerie welcome the sparks between them. She wants to believe he's innocent, especially since she's falling in love with the man. But can she trust her judgment? Even Jason isn't sure he's innocent. People he cares for die. Is there a monster inside of him that comes out every time he gets jealous?

Review: Valerie works for a charity she feels very passionately about, WIN (Women In Need) they do an annual haunted house. This year they need a little boast to make their house stand out. Lucky for them Jason a three time Emmy winning special effects artist has move to their small town. Down side is he may have murdered his wife.  Valerie isn't going to let a little thing like a murder charge stop her, especially when he was acquitted.
The idea of a special effects artist creating a haunted house for a charity is a cool idea. I actually liked Valerie and Jason they had good chemistry. The problem was how Jason was so wishy-washy, I want you but I have to push you away for your own good. Arggh, I hate that! Thankful Valerie is a very smart cookie and saw through all of Jason's BS. The other problem was the whole murder thing, I totally saw how it ended. I mean there wasn't even a good twist. I found the ended contrived. It was just to predictable. 
So it had good points and bad, over all I have to say just read it for yourself and decide.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review the book...and for featuring it on your site. I really appreciate it.


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