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Friday, October 17, 2014

{Book Review} My Paranormal Journal: Volume One by R. Moses

My Paranormal Journal: Volume One
 by R. Moses
Released: September 1st 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: Paranormal
How I got it: Free download on Amazon

My Paranormal Journal: Volume One is a woman’s unique experiences with the weird and unexplained over the course of her life. For over twenty years she has experienced the bizarre and searches for answers at every turn. Travel with her as she becomes obsessed with a house that her friends claim is haunted by a demon, lurking in the shadows and feeding off the terror of all those who dare to cross into its domain.
From the nightly visitors to unseen touches and feelings of an unspeakable evil, our journal writer sinks further into trying to peer beyond the veil that separates our world and the unseen one as she is consumed by the house on the hill. Her research into the unexplained and ghost hunting start to take over her already busy life as she searches for answers in the metro Charlotte, North Carolina area.
So join her in her constant pursuit of the truth…if you dare.

My Paranormal Journal: Volume One is the first in a three part serialized journal. This first installment is roughly 15,000 words and is the length of a long short story/novelette.

Review: This is a rather interesting take on writing a book period. It's written just like a journal, possibly even is the authors actual journal for all I know. The narrator is a bit quirky and a little all over the place at first, but then starts to focus more and more on the paranormal.  The journal chronicles a women's life as she struggles to balance college, work and her ever growing fascination for the paranormal. I like how it is told in a way that introduces the paranormal slowly. The narrator has experiences and tries to figure out what they are and if possible how to debunk them while offering the reader tidbits of her research.

I was a little bummed at the cliff hanger ending of the book, yet I'm sure it picks back up in Volume 2. Over all a well written, fun account of one woman's struggle with the paranormal.

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