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Thursday, October 23, 2014

{Book Review} My Paranormal Journal: Volume Three by R. Moses

My Paranormal Journal: Volume Three
by R. Moses
Publisher: Self
Released: September 20th 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: Paranormal
How I got it:Was gifted a copy by the author upon request

My Paranormal Journal: Volume Three is the conclusion of our journal writer’s tales. As she tries to destroy her ties with the house on the hill and the dark entity lurking within, she also finds herself desperately in love with the one she believes to be her life partner, her soulmate, if you will. But as the shadows in her life lengthen and darkness approaches, she wonders if the beacon of new love will chase the shadows away. And if the darkness does leave, how long before it tries to come back into her life?

My Paranormal Journal: Volume Three is the final installment in a three part journal. This installment also contains a short guide to the journal writer’s favorite North Carolina haunted attractions, including Latta Plantation in Huntersville NC and Fort Fisher in Kure Beach NC. This installment is roughly 15,000 words which is the length of a long short story/novelette.

Review:  All righty this is the final installment of the My Paranormal Journal series, it says so in the blurb. If you haven't read the first two I highly recommend doing so before trying to read this book. These are not stand alones, they are three parts of the same journal.
Volume three is broken down best in my opinion as part 1 and part 2. Part 1 is basically the finalization of our narrators journey with "the house on the hill". She's relating the closing of this chapter in her life and explaining how shes opening a new one with "the love of her life". Part 2 takes place several years later she is married, has a little girl and thought she had put all this paranormal stuff behind her. Little does she realize that they have moved into a haunted house.
I really liked how Ms Moses closed the story of "the house on the hill" yet didn't leave the reader hanging. She actually gave us closure, at least as much as she could. I also liked how she updated her own experiences and kept with the format of the books, giving us a entry then a little research tidbit. Unlike some ghost stories that just say 'we ran away and never went back, the end' Ms Moses touched base with what happened with her friends and the house as well as herself given us a sense of closure. I appreciated that a lot. Over all I really enjoyed reading this series and was a little sad to see it end.

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