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Friday, January 2, 2015

{Random Rant} Author's Army

I was recently contacted by an author and asked for a little help with a very unfortunate situation. She had been accused by another author of plagiarism. Not only did the author make this accusation on a social media site, she also recruited all her fans to write scathing reviews on Amazon. Ok yes plagiarism is bad, stealing another author's work is deplorably. The thing is she really needed to do her homework. I've read both of these authors works and while the books had similar premiss, they were not identical and there was no blatant plagiarism. They did have the same title but this is not something that can be copy written. I've read/ heard of other authors rallying their fans in the past and it always turns out bad.
Rallying the fans to take a stand in their defense is fine and dandy, but make sure you have a reason to blow that horn rallying the troops.  As readers, reviewers, and basically not sheep shouldn't we check and make sure that what this person is saying is true and not just what he/she believes. Before we go and raise that flag, shouldn't we make sure that there is a reason. Personally I like to know if the person who's career, reputation and emotional state I'm destroying actually deserves it.
Now I completely understand an emotional, knee jerk reaction when you feel you've been wronged, I really get that and have been there. Still when it comes to something like this, maybe taking a step back and reassessing the situation and taking care of it behind closed door is better than rallying your personal fan based army. I have to admit if an author I really liked made accusations like this and I discovered it was all bogus, my opinion of that person would seriously drop.
I really feel that authors need to consider how things will look after the smoke clears, and if rallying that Author's Army is really worth what the possible back lash will be if the accusations aren't all they believe. How do you feel about author's rallying their fans to slander other authors or even reviewers they feel have wronged them without proof?


  1. I totally agree with you on that one. I often wonder if people using social media in that way are aware of what they can cause both for themselves and the other person. It also feels unprofessional to me when an author feels the need to defend his/her "reputation" in that way. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks Bee. I know you see so many posts on social media and I wondering the poster actually thought them out and you're absolutely right it does seem unprofessional.


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