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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{Book Review} Adirondack Ghosts III by Lynda Lee Macken

Adirondack Ghosts III
by Lynda Lee Macken
Publisher: Black Cat Press
Released: April 1st 2010
Genre: Non-Fiction- NA: Ghost stories, paranormal
How I got it: Bought it

In her third volume of Adirondack ghost stories, Lynda Lee Macken presents an array of faithful phantoms. Devoted caretakers carry on at the Glenmore Hotel, Grant Cottage and Wellscroft Lodge. A constant gardener digs in at the Knox Mansion and an ever–present chauffeur is on the run at the Fort Hudson Health System. The New York native reveals revenants from the region's iron mining industry at the Penfield Homestead Museum and Moriah s Town Hall. The Adirondack's long history of hospitality gives rise to a host of spirits at The BrightSide on Raquette and Paul Smith s College. Curl up by a crackling fire and savor these spirits, and more, in Adirondack Ghosts III.

Review:  I purchased this book along with the first two and even though those weren't great I thought I'd give this one a chance. Nope, not any better. Just like the first two the stories are short, some only one page. There's weird clip art scattered through the book. While slightly better in the research department, I still felt they were a clash of ghost stories and documentation. The information just didn't mesh together right. Personally I feel this might have to do with Ms Macken's writing style as it's been this way in all three books. Again I liked the historical information doled out, and felt there could have been more. Yet for me the paranormal aspect was lacking. Yet I will say that all three books have given me locations to scout for ghosts the next time we're up in the ADK.

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