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Thursday, February 26, 2015

{Mini Podio Review} The May Day Murders by Scott Wittenburg

The May Day Murders
by Scott Wittenburg
How I got it: downloaded free from Podiobooks

The autumnal tranquility of Smithtown, Ohio is shattered when Dr. David Bradley arrives home to find that his wife has been raped and murdered by an intruder who has left no clues behind except the words "May Day" painted in lipstick on his victim's body. When the police later learn that another Smithtown resident has been raped and strangled in New York City, it becomes frighteningly clear that a cunning serial killer targeting Smithtown women is on the prowl. Newspaper reporter Sam Middleton is determined to help Detective Roger Hagstrom track down the assailant of his ex-wife's best friend and everyone is asking the same question as the mystery unfolds: Who will the killer's next victim be?

Review: This was narrated by the author, unfortunately his voice was very flat and came across unemotional. I enjoyed the story, even if the plot was fairly predictable. I liked Sam and though he was a great character.  Ann I like at first, then she became really annoying. By the end of the book I wanted the killer to get her. She became whiny, dumb... just making stupid decisions and unable to control her child. Her undeceive attitude pissed me off, she flip flopped on so many things it was irritating. Over all ok, and decent for a freebie.

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