Monday, March 23, 2015

Fitness Journal #1: Reconfiguring

I managed to get down to 119, after struggling to lose those last few pounds of baby fat for almost a year. Now I feel to skinny, so I plan to try and get back up to 125 but by putting on muscle not fat. To do this I really should be working out more and possibly lifting weights. Unfortunately the weights are in the garage where I can't use them and we really don't have a place to put them down here. Also I learned the last time I tried to lift weights that I have to be very careful with my right arm, as it's got issues. The carpal tunnel in both hands has gotten worse and I need to work the right shoulder back to where it was before Dec, when I stopped working out, as it hasn't been right since a car accident when I was a teen.
In order to put on the muscle, I also need to start eating more. This is a problem since I've never been a big eater. Most mornings I don't want breakfast, but force myself to eat a little something or have a breakfast shake.
So my plan is to do all this slowly I'm going to start with my yoga workouts, then maybe some cardio (I'm still trying to get my hands on a treadmill) or start doing the Fitness Blender workouts again. They can be pretty intense. I'm also going to start eating more, a few more good calories at a time.

Goals for right now- workout and eat healthy

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