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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{Book Review} The Belly Burn Plan: Six Weeks to a Lean, Fit & Healthy Body by Traci D. Mitchell

The Belly Burn Plan: Six Weeks to a Lean, Fit & Healthy Body
by Traci D. Mitchell
Publisher: Harlequin
Release:March 31st 2015
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: Diet & Exercise
How I got it: NetGalley

Muffin tops, love handles and pot bellies have finally met their match.

The Belly Burn Plan will help you shed belly fat fast and for good in just three steps:

Eat Right for Your Body Type: Discover the best foods for your metabolism to lose weight naturally.

Get Moving: Shorter, targeted, high-intensity interval training workouts tailored to your fitness level help improve glucose metabolism and fat burning.

Stress Less, Sleep More: Make the lifestyle changes that will have a lasting impression on your body and overall health.

Linked to heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, belly fat isn't just unsightly, it can be dangerous to your health. You have the power to not only change the way you look, but also how you feel. The Belly Burn Plan kicks off with an effective 3-Day Cleanse and includes sixty-five quick and easy recipes that will blow your taste buds away while shrinking your waistline. Prepare to say goodbye to belly fat and hello to a lean, healthy body.

Review: While this is a program, it's also a way of life. Well the book teaches you a way of life. Broken down to fit any body type, the program should work for anyone trying to lose weight.
The book offers a ton of useful information to not only those looking to lose weight, but also those just trying to get fit. Sections of the book talk about your bodies chemistry, hormones and how fat is used in the body and produced.
Blowing away some fitness myths the book explains why you might not be losing weight even though you're doing everything right. Packed full of recipes and exercise program, the book offers a six week program to start turning your life around. Downside is if you don't stick with it after six weeks it'll only be a fad diet and do nothing long term.

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