Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fitness Journal #7

So I didn't go running this weekend, I guess there's still tomorrow, but I probably won't. I think I'm coming down with a cold. Everybody else has one, and C's got pink eye in both eyes. I didn't even bother to try running this morning since C was up and down all night, which means I was up and down all night, then  he up at like 5 this morning throwing up. We ended up taking him to the Dr and they said it was due to the cold/ infection. We got eye drops and something to settle his tummy.
I'm also not sure if I'm going to keep up with the running or not anyway. On the one hand I really like doing it, on the other it kind of burns a lot of calories. Yet if I'm only doing 2-3 times a week it might not hurt. But I'm focusing more on strength training, plus I need to keep having a surplus of calories to build muscle. Especially since I keep losing weight, now I'm down to 118 lbs. If you haven't been keeping track this is contrary to what I'm trying to do.
I also bought a Skip it, I got a gift card for Easter from work and used it to get the Skip it. I should have used it to get the walking weights I wanted, but I thought this would be more fun and maybe J would use it too. It took a bit to remember how to use it but I got the hang of it. And it is fun, plus a workout.
Maybe I'll see if DK will get me the weights for Mother's Day. Then again there might not be much point if I can't do the 5k I want this year. It would be just a waste of money if I don't keep running.
I don't know, part of me just plain likes running and part of me doesn't see the point if my goal isn't going to happen. What do ya'll think?

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