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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

{Book Review} Murder and Mayhem in Jefferson County by Cheri L. Farnsworth

Murder and Mayhem in Jefferson County
by Cheri L. Farnsworth
Publisher: History Press (SC)
Released: April 1st 2011 by
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: True Crime
How I got it: Received a copy from the publisher

Jefferson County, located in New York's beautiful North Country, has a dark and violent past. During the long winter months, it was not the cold that was feared, but the killers. In 1828, Henry Evans committed a crime so brutal that the location in Brownsville is still called "Slaughter Hill." A real-life "Little Red Riding Hood," eleven-year-old Sarah Conklin met someone far worse than a wolf on her way home from school in 1875. And in 1908, Mary Farmer, a beautiful young mother hacked her neighbor to death and was sent to the electric chair. Author Cheri L. Farnsworth has compiled the stories of the most notorious criminal minds of Jefferson County's early history.

I find it amazing that I have lived in Jefferson County all my life and never heard of these stories. It's interesting to read about event that happened around where I live. With most of these case, I know and can imagine where they took place.
Ms Farnsworth did a great job researching the cases. It's actually pretty amazing the amount of information she found on the other cases. I enjoyed the way she told the stories, letting them unfold.
This was a wonderful book filled with history and true crime.

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