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Friday, June 5, 2015

{Book Review} Haunted Plantations of the South by Richard Southall

Haunted Plantations of the South
by Richard Southall
Publisher:Llewellyn Publications
Released:June 8th 2015
Genre: Non-Fiction-Adult: Paranormal
How I got it: NetGalley

When you hears the word "plantations," most people think of grand homes with pillars and sweeping staircases. These houses of grandeur were located all through the South in the days before the Civil War, and there are some that still resonate with the loveliness they had in their heyday. These majestic homes have a long history, and some of those who lived in these homes remain today. The ghosts of soldiers, slaves, and the elite family who lived in the plantation homes still wander the halls.

Richard Southall explores gorgeous plantation homes and those that are abandoned and in decay to present a colorful history of the ghosts that linger there.

Review: I liked the historical aspect of the book but felt it was a bit light on the ghosts.
I felt Mr Southall did a wonderful job with the research and how he told the plantation histories. I enjoyed learning about the different places and historical significance of each. While I enjoyed the historical information, I found the book a little light in the paranormal field. Some of the houses seemed to have very small amount of ghostly activity and places that had well documented hauntings seemed down played. For example the Myrtles Plantation, a very well documented haunted bed & breakfast, was kind of glossed over in my opinion. It seemed Mr Southall picked the most popular points and left out those not so well known such as the legend of the William Winter's Room. Which in my view would have made the book more interesting than just the same old, same old.
Overall the book was enjoyable and interesting from a historical standpoint.

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