Sunday, June 28, 2015

Journal #14: Brought to you by the letter F & Number 0

Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Yup today's post it brought to you by the letter F and the number 0. F is for Frustration and Fucks... 0 is the number of fucks I have left.
So here's my week in a quick review...
Monday ride called in sick so I had to use one of my two remaining vacation days to cover. Yes I said I would walk or ride my bike, but that was before I actually did it and wanted to die after. So we went car shopping with the MIL... yeah that was fun. We found two vehicles in our price range, one was a smashed up tiny car they wanted $4000 for and the other was a SUV they wanted $3000 for with a dash that was lit up like a christmas tree, horrible breaks, a smashed heat control and it made this really weird noise. We test drove it for like a mile, and I was terrified we were going to get into an accident.
Tuesday I texted DK's aunt to see if she'd spoken with her husband about letting us buy their extra vehicle and that turned into a disaster of epic proportions. It ended with DK and his Dad, aka our land lord, in a huge fight.
Wednesday we caved and finally had the van towed to the garage.
Thursday work bull shit, I was told that Head Honcho finally broke down and order us a new foot. YAY! But I got a bit miffed when she said she did it because we were behind on work... um excuse me my shelves are empty. I'm struggling to find stuff for me and my girl to do, so if we're behind please give me the fucking work. Oh that's right it's not me it's the woman who falls asleep stuffing wires in the cups and has to have
someone come over to bail her out once a fucking week. FYI I've decided that I'm done doing her job, I tried helping her out but fuck it, it's bull shit that I have to do her work on top of mine. Don't care not doing it.
Friday I worked half a day, don't know why I bothered, we now have very little work for Monday and I just got irritated. I snapped at the girl in my dept. Truth be told she's really pissing me off. I give her work to do and she goes and grabs something else instead.... no bitch I'm the supervisor sit down and do the fucking work I gave you. If I don't give you something else then go grab whatever. Actually I don't think she's supposed to be grabbing her own work, but I'm just waiting to see if someone says something. I feel like I can't really say anything because she got her own stuff when I wasn't there, so it seems ridiculous that I have to get it when I'm there. I guess I should really ask someone what the policy is on this, but truth is it only bugs we when she has work and gets other stuff that doesn't need to be done. Any way when I got home I called the garage and they haven't even bothered to look at the van. Seriously not even just gave it a once over to see what needs to be done, nothing nada... well fuck me running Batman (as my Auntie Cindy would say) this is not what I wanted to hear.

Ok so things could be worst, and now that I've said that they will magically get worse somehow. Hey and look I thought I was outta fucks but I gave you 6, cue Count voice and thunder.

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