Saturday, July 25, 2015

Journal #20- Progress of DOMs

For those not in the know DOMS are also called delayed onset muscle soreness, no I'm not talking about the dudes with a whip spanking people (pervs). Since starting my weight
training I've found there are several levels of this, here they are.

After a leg day....
Day 1 hey this isn't so bad. What are people talking about?
Day 2 Oh my god, you want me to walk up stairs. Seriously... stairs!
Day 3 What the hell was I thinking? My legs are going to fall off... oh crap sitting on the toilet hurts, stairs are you fucking insane! You want me to walk up stairs?!!
Day 4 Yeah! Leg day, baby.

After an arm day...
Day 1 hey this isn't as bad as I thought.
Day 2 I am not lifting that basket... you lift the basket.
Day 3 My arms are going to fall off. Why are they numb this morning... oh never mind that has nothing to do with the workout.
Day 4 Let's pump those guns.
So yeah right now I'm easing into the weightlifting two days a week, Sunday is going to be leg day and Tuesday upper body. If I'm feeling it I might work a total body in Thursday or Friday. The rest will be bodyweight and cardio. I'm still working out the exact exercises, pounds, sets, and reps that I will be doing. Like everything else this is a learning process and I'm working it out. Plus side I can now use that account I created.

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