Saturday, July 25, 2015

Journal #21- I'm insane

So I said screw it and went for a bike ride today. It took me 45 mins to ride 5 miles. I went around this loop near the house. After the first 2 miles I almost said screw it and turned around, but after a quick breather I got back on the bike and kept going. Let's be honest I only kept going because DK told me I wouldn't make it and I wanted to prove him wrong.
It was a nice ride, except for one section right in front of the golf course. It was crazy with car as they were having a craft fair/ art auction thing. Then once I got pass that there was a tractor that rode my butt for a while, until I pulled all the way over on to the grass. At that point I was in the home stretch anyway. I got home and my legs felt like Jello, at this point I realized that I was supposed to do a leg day tomorrow and was like crap. So I did the sensible thing and did
my lower body workout today. Of course I will wonder what the hell was I thinking when I can't move tomorrow or press my peddle at work Monday and will be cursing the day they invented bikes on Weds... but come Thursday I will totally be ready to do it again. I'm pretty sure I'm insane since I'm considering doing a Yoga workout again tonight. Yet that has more to do with helping me relax that actual working out. I've found the higher my stress level the more I want to workout and push myself harder. It's like punishing my body, only I enjoy it and find it's the only time I can zone out. Focusing on my body and making sure I don't hurt myself takes my mind off everything else.

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