Sunday, August 2, 2015

Journal #23- The Wedding

So yesterday was my sister-in-laws wedding. I made the huge mistake of doing a leg day friday and was on my feet from 12:30 in the afternoon until about 5:30 in three inch wedges sandals. My feet and legs are killing me today. I became decorator, caterer, photographer, and clean up person for the day... good thing I know how to multitask. Instead of a reception dinner type thing, she had a dessert bar. I stuck to the fruit, but did indulge in a brownie and some tiny little cake things I can't remember the name of it was french, petite something. But I figured with all the running here and there, moving tables, setting out food, and wandering around taking pictures I burned it off. I didn't even bother recording yesterday I'm just calling it a wash. I need to get back on the eating healthy horse again, but I have a refrigerator full of cookies and cupcakes. They sent home with us because they had too much food and not enough guests. But knowing my kids and Hubby they won't last long. Today I've decided to go with the kids to my mother-in-laws and commandeer her pool, while DK goes fishing. If you want me I will be laying on a floaty thing sunning myself.

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