Thursday, September 24, 2015

{DIY} Yoga Socks

I like doing yoga usually as a form of active rest or for those days when I want something low impact or I'm just not feeling it. With Winter coming and having cement floors covered in linoleum, my feet get cold but doing yoga in socks it not cool. You tend to slip and slid on the mat, try doing downward facing dog only to land on your face. So I was looking at yoga socks, but seriously who pays nine bucks for a pair of toe socks with those little bumpy things on the bottom or worst half a sock, you know the ones with no toes or heel.
Seriously do I have sucker written on my forehead. Probably I did pay ten bucks for a set of foam blocks, and close to twenty for a pretty rubber mat... but that's not the point. 
Anyway I started surfing my one and only Pinterest of course I found lots of stuff. These were the easiest and didn't involve needing to sew, crochet, or knit. Of course I can do two out of those three, but I'm also pretty lazy. Ok yes at some point I will attempt to crochet a pair only because they look cool, but today is not that day. So instead I dug through the sock basket and found a couple pairs of old socks that wouldn't break my heart if I destroyed them. Side note I have a fuzzy sock addiction and wear them pretty much all Winter so by cutting these up I also have an excuse to get a new pair or three. 

So I'll start with the half sock or toeless/ heelless...

You'll need-
  • an old pair of socks 
  • pair of sharp scissors
I picked these two pairs because they were pretty wore out and I wouldn't miss them if I screwed up.

So all you have to do is cut off the toe and heel. For the pink pair I cut around the most worn sections, with the stripes I cut along the green strip at the toe and the heel part.

Easy Peasy!

For the second style you will need
  • Puffy Fabric Paint
  • Pair of Socks
For these I put paint on the areas I knew needed the most gripping power. The toes and heels got dots, then I added a wavy line on the ball of my foot. 
These were originally J's but she out grew them yet they fit me, poor girl has her father's feet. I have a few pairs like this that I can add paint to and use for yoga socks. So there two styles of yoga socks that you can make at home. The toeless one can even prolong the life of a pair that has the toes or heel worn out and you'd just toss. Although if you go to an actual yoga class or studio or whatever then you probably wouldn't want to use a really grungy pair, you could even buy a cheap pair of socks and design your own. I can even see this being a fun project for kids. 

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