Sunday, September 6, 2015

Journal # 26- Broke Bike

I give up! Friday I went for a bike ride, listening to Zombies, Run while I did. So I got halfway into the ride and my gears decided to just go crazy. If I went lower than 3 it was like nothing and over was like pedaling through molasses. This is the second thing that's gone wrong with this bike. First the tire now this thing with the gears. I have half a mind to take both bikes, and all the stuff that goes with them, and toss it on the corner with a free sign. We don't have the know how or tools to fix the darn things and it'll cost way too much to have them fixed. It'd be better to just buy new ones. I guess that's what I get for buying from Wally World and Kmart.
I will say I did get to use the chase feature on Zombies, Run and that was fun even if I did end up losing some supplies due to the stupid bike.

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