Sunday, September 20, 2015

Journal #28

Ok guys it's going to get all girly for the first paragraph you have been warned.

So I haven't been able to workout since Tuesday due to a very bad yeast infection. I tried a couple times but the burning, itchy pain was just too distracting. If you can workout with a yeast infection, cudos to you. You my friend are badass. I am a wimp. I got some over the counter stuff and have been drinking apple cider vinegar (1Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar mixed w/ 1 Cup water) which is supposed to help even out the ph down there and fix everything. So far it seems to be working and I'm feeling much better today (knock on wood).

Last week I started the StrongLifts program to try and... well lift more. I'm not digging the workouts, for one
it's the same six workouts rotated every other day. You do three one day, then rest, then the other three the next day. This doesn't work for someone who needs variety to keep her motivated and going (like me). Now you do those workouts 5x5 in other words 5 sets of 5 reps. I was doing 3x10 before 3 set of 10 reps which means I'm losing five reps from my previous workouts. Also the program said 45mins I'm busting these out in half that. To top it off I don't have the equipment or partner to lift heavy heavy, which means I need to be doing more reps to compensate for the lack of weight. After the sessions I'm left feeling like I should have been doing more to hit more areas of my body, eg. triceps, abs etc. Maybe I should give the program more than two workouts, but honestly I'm already bored with it and if I'm going to workout I want to be doing something like.

Confession time I wicked over ate this weekend, my birthday is Monday so we splurged Friday and got Burger King. I went over board, because I was freak'n starving, I got a Whopper, Fries, and a 10 piece of Chicken Nuggets. Note Burger King does not do chicken well, good burgers not so good Chicken Nuggets. That wouldn't have been so bad but then last night the FIL got pizza and wings then decided to share. I basically ate all the wings by myself. Ok C had a few but I had like 8. I got on the scale this morning and was 123.8 lbs that's a 3.3 lb jump. I'd be happy if I didn't know it was all junk, water, and bloat and probably going to disappear as soon as I start working out again. Plus side my waist measurement only went up half an inch so if the pounds stay I can totally live with it. Normally I wouldn't feel bad about the over eating but paired with the not workout makes me feel a little guilty. Have to get back on wagon, or at least run after it.

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