Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Faves

So I saw this on Tales from Trish and couldn't help myself. I thought it would be a fun addition. Since it's fall I thought I'd copy this one for now and see where the year takes us.

FAVORITE CANDLE SCENT:  Cinnamon Apple is my favorite candle scent.

COFFEE, TEA OR HOT CHOCOLATE: All three! I love coffee, all flavors of teas, and hot chocolate.

FAVORITE THANKSGIVING FOOD:  Pumpkin Pie, with lots and lots of whip cream.

FAVORITE TYPE OF PIE: Is actually Coconut Cream with lots of cream and coconut.

MOST WORN SWEATER: Is a burnt orange knit cardigan, I wear this all the time. It hangs on the back of the bedroom door and I grab it whenever I'm cold.  It kind of looks like this...

WHAT IS AUTUMN WEATHER LIKE WHERE YOU LIVE:  I live in Upstate NY so it's in the 40's dropping down into the 20- 30's at night. But even though it's cold we have beautiful fall foliage going on right now. It's my favorite time to go out and walk around.

FAVORITE FALL TV SHOW: Hands down The Walking Dead, yes my zombie obsession is showing.

SKINNY JEANS OR LEGGINGS: Leggings all the way. Their comfy, I can workout in them and they look good with almost anything.

HALLOWEEN YAY OR NAY: Yay!! I love Halloween! I mean costumes and candy, even now I get to steal sweets from the kids.

FALL MORNINGS OR EVENINGS: Oh this is a hard one, Mornings are so pretty with the sun coming up over the trees. On the other hand evening are pretty with the sun setting and the moon coming out.

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