Saturday, October 24, 2015

Journal #32- I wants it, but I don't need it.

DK and I have been discussing Christmas presents lately wanting to get a jump start on buying stuff. One of the things that has been flopping around in my mind since my b-day is getting an activity tracker, that I can wear. Now don't get me wrong I love my Endomondo tracker that's on my phone, not only does it track everything I want it to, but that shit was free. Downside is it's on my phone, which I don't have on my every single second of the day. I'd like something I can put on and just not think about. I was originally smitting with the Misfit Shine, but after reading reviews on Google play I'm leary about getting one as they seem to have some issues with a recent update. Granted it does everything I want it too, looks nice and has a thirty dollar version Misfit Phase. If it won't connect/ track the way I need it too, it's fairly useless.
The Fitbit is right out as it won't work for lifting, Polar, Garmin and the like are way out of my price range. Sigh so what's a gal to do.
The thing is I don't need it, I have two pedometers and a couple trackers on my phone. The only thing these might do that I can't right now is monitor my sleep. I mean a cheap one would be fun to play with, but I really don't need one. Yet I wants it...

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