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Sunday, November 15, 2015

UFC fight Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holmes

Ok I'm not really into sports but I gotta talk about the UFC fight Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holmes. When I started hearing about Ronda I didn't really care. So she's a female athlete turned actress, etc. Whatever. I'm not one to follow celebs. I just don't care. Yet more and more Ronda was forced down our throats, just like the freaking Kardashians. At first I thought ok, I saw some cute stuff and even thought she wasn't too bad. I even found a clip of her dressed as Pikachu amusing. But the more I saw about her the more I found her cocky and not just athlete cocky, I could deal and understand that. She was the UFC Champ that was something to be proud of. Yet the more she got in the limelight the more of a bitch she projected. I don't know if the fame or stress or what was getting to her, but she just started coming off as bitchy.
Know I don't know why, because truth is I really don't care. I have no invested interest but when I saw Holly Holmes KO'd Ronda last night I was actually giddy. I really don't get why this was a surprise to people either. I mean just look at Holly vs Ronda.

Holly is freakin ripped! Ronda not so much, she's kind let herself go. I've seen pics from her earlier fights and she had a lot more muscle. Even though they weigh the same, how different is their body fat percentage? I'd say a bit. The fact is Holly dominated the ring, and no matter who you were routing for you can't deny that Holly is a great fighter.

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