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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Faves

The week of sickies, C was sick Sunday and stayed home from school Monday. Then J was sick Tuesday night and stayed home Weds. I started feeling sick Weds afternoon and succumb to the stomach bug myself. I ended up going to bed at 7 Weds night and was so sick to my stomach I couldn't go to work Thursday. Yet there is no rest for the wicked, oh no since we got dumped on. Almost 2 feet of snow. That means that school closed, so Dk had to go out and shovel while I watched the kids.
Apparently fetching stuff and picking up was to much, I paid for it last night. I could barely get out of bed to make it the the bathroom, my head hurt so bad and my stomach was doing bad bad things.
This morning wasn't so bad, but I'm still not 100%.
This week's music video... 

Fave workout of the week. Did this Sunday night was sore until Tuesday. Awesome workout!



  1. i need to do more work out videos! thanks for the inspiration! So glad I came across your blog on the link up! Hope you'll stop by mine as well :) Happy Friday

  2. I looove that Tone it Up workout!


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