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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Wrap Up

So I managed to get through a whole work week, without being sick, yay me. Of course it was another week where I didn't have any work in my dept. Unfortunately my Minion has gotten a bit too big for her britches. Weds afternoon, she came over and asked me if I was going to come back and work on a basket because she wasn't going to get to it. Um...
Who's the supervisor? I really wanted to be like...

But I didn't I waited until yesterday morning and went to talk to the floor supervisor about her. Apparently I'm stuck with her, because she can't do anything else. Also I will continue to be moved from my dept because I'm more versatile.

All right now that I have vented this week's song...

Workout... I did this Tuesday and it was awesome! Although I need a heavier kettlebell. 

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  1. I forgot all about the song "Stupid Girls"! Hahah hilarious.

  2. Work colleagues are just the best right? :-( Glad to hear you are feeling better!


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