Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Journal #41- It's just habit

Sorry it's just habit. We all have habits good and bad, for example I twirl my hair especially when nervous.
But what happens when a good habit becomes just a habit. Some thing you do just because you've always done it. This is what's happened with me and my food journal /counting calories. I add everything I eat, but I don't take it into account. I used to go over my calorie intake vs my caloric burn, take into account how much macros I was getting. Now it's just numbers.
Why? You might be asking.
For me I think it has to do with how MyFitnessPal shows you "reports". You can only see one type of
information at a time. I can't take exercise and food and see how they compare against each other all at the same time, I have to bounce between two pages. I'm a visual person and want to see the charts or numbers side by side.
So what am I going to do about this? Not sure yet. Changing from MyFitnessPal will make my Up Move basically useless, because the whole reason I went with it is because the two could communicate. But if I'm not utilizing the information, there's no point. So I need to figure out how to best utilize the information the tracker and MyFitnessPal are giving me.

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