Thursday, January 14, 2016

Journal # 42 - Know-it-alls

I am super frustrated, I have been trying to gain muscle, and live a fairly healthy lifestyle for several months now. A friend of mine has been trying to lose weight for the same amount of time. She's managed to lose quite a bit of weight, which is totally awesome, by eating right and walking. Yet once she reached a certain weight she got a gastric bypass. Now that she has reached her goal weight she thinks she's an expert on exercise and eating healthy. The thing is she has no clue about my personal goals or needs. So why is she telling me how I should be eating?
Since having her surgery, she hasn't been watching what she eats or exercising. Am I perfect, do I know it all when it comes to eating right and exercising? Hell no, but I'm also not bragging and telling people what they should be doing. I'm constantly failing at this whole thing, so I'm not going to start telling people how to live their lives. Yet because she lost x amount of pound she is an expert.

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