Saturday, January 23, 2016

No POPSugar, Noooo!

I have mentioned before my guilty pleasure of surfing POPSugar on the weekends. Today I was scrolling through while eating my breakfast and found this If You're a Woman (or Know a Woman), You Need to See This Hysterical Video. Well I'm a woman and know women so I decided to check it out. I mean who doesn't want a good laugh. Unfortunately I found myself disappointed and grossed out. The video is from Collegehumor and while they have had some good stuff in the past, I find their new videos not funny. This one was not only unfunny but seriously disturbing and just nasty.
Now I bet you want to know why, so in an effort to save you from viewing the eww here's the low down. It's about periods, and not the kind that go at the end of a sentence. The video "explains" women's time of the month, by saying apparently we have demons inside us... and it gets worst.
Why POPSugar? Why? I expect good articles from you not this trash. It wasn't funny.

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