Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Wrap Up

So this week was pretty blah all around, I think we're finally setting into a rhythm at work. We are also getting into our busy season which means their going to be harping on working Fridays (blarg).
In other news I found some virtual races that are coming up and I want to run. Gone for a Run has some the valentines one I missed the sign up for, but they say you can still run it I just won't get the swag. I know that's what some people are all about but I really just want to challenge myself so I figure I'll run it even if I don't get the cool stuff at the end.

This weeks video... Just cause.

I'm really into the kettlebell and weighted yoga workouts right now. This one was nice but not super strenuous, basically good for beginners. It will definitely get your heart rate up.

Newest I want Vinyasa Hoodie from prAna it's super cute and looks comfy I'd like all the colors.

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  1. that hoodie looks so comfy! great blog my friend! happy friday!

    1. I know, you could just snuggle in it and be so relaxed! :) Thank you!

  2. Love TOm Petty!! My hubby is obsessed with his music so we always listen to him on long road trips!

    1. I love Tom Petty too. He has such a mellow voice. Thanks for stopping by.


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