Friday, April 22, 2016

{Review} JawBone UP Move Activity Tracker

I purchased my Jawbone Up Move in November, during a Black Friday Sale on Amazon. The Move usually runs around $50 dollars but I got it for $30. It's a very basic activity tracker, no bells or whistles. All it tracks is movement, workouts, and sleep. You have four modes, active, stopwatch, sleep and time. I find it a pain in the butt to switch between the different modes, you have to press the face a certain number of times and/or hold it. I've found it's much easier to use the app to add workouts and switch modes. The device is app based so you have to have a smartphone or device with bluetooth. I have an Android based phone and it took a couple tries to get the app connected but it finally did. The app collects the data from your Up and gives it to you in an easy to read display. You can also add you calorie intake via the app, or connect it to a third party like MyFitnessPal. I did this for awhile, but it wasn't always reliable. The two tended to have a lot of down time making my readings a bit skewed. Note if you sync up with a third party site it can read your workout data too.
When you bring up the app on the main screen you have two to three columns, one for sleep, one for activity and one for food (if your logging that.) These give you an overview of your day or night. By clicking on the column you can see more in depth data. By clicking on the activity column you can also access the workout menu by clicking the little running man in the corner and manually add a workout. Now there are only 18 different activities to choose from, but they are things that more people do for example walking, running, yoga, weightlifting and even Zumba. Downside is if you want to log something like kickboxing you'll have to log it as just cardio. You can also adjust how hard your workout was, easy, moderate, in the zone, difficult or gut buster. If you choose to use the stopwatch mode, then you have to go in and adjust all this manually anyway. Although if you walk or run without turning stopwatch mode and don't log your workout immediately the app will ask if you worked out during a certain time, but it doesn't do this with any of the others. Well it might Zumba, but I've never tried that.
Currently I only have the clip that came with the Up but you can get wrist bands. After a bit of trial, I found the best place to keep my Up is clipped to my waist when active and on my sleeve when sleeping. I considered my shoelaces when running but I'm afraid it will fly off. The clip is sturdy and hasn't given out yet, the up is in it really securely, getting this thing in and out can be a pain. Although I've only had to remove it once and that was to replace the battery which started dying in March. The Jawbone site says that the batteries will only last 4-5 months so this was expected. This does not have a rechargeable battery and takes the larger watch sized ones. I don't think this is a huge issues as you can pick up two batteries for a buck at the Dollar Store. I will warn against purchasing the white clip. If you look in the picture at the top that's shiny and new, now it is a dingy grey color.
In the last six months of having this my over all impressions have been positive. My biggest complaint is not with the device itself but with the app's Smart Coach feature. It is designed for people who want to lose weight, so even when set to gain weight it gives advice that leans more toward weight loss. The information giving is hit or miss for me anyway, sometimes I find it useful sometimes not so much.
If you're looking for a bare bones activity and sleep tracker, then I say check this one out.

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