Wednesday, May 4, 2016

{Workout Review} KettleToning ~ blend of toning, yoga & kettlebells with Tone It Up

For Christmas last year DK got me a 5 lb kettlebell, so I looked up workouts using the thing and found this. It's a great workout hitting all the main muscle groups. The video is a mix of toning exercises and yoga poses, using the kettlebell or dumbbell. After doing once through with the 5 pounder I realized it was too light and switched it up for a 10 lb weight. Our free weights have handles so I was able to use it like a kettlebell. This made my arms scream, but I probably could have used a higher weight when working the lower body. Still I was good sore the next couple days. 
My complaint with this video is she skips the oblique reps on the left side. Check time 18:31 it's opposite knee to tricep 3 reps on right side. At 20:22 she does 1 rep on the left side, kind of like she just remember oh crap I'm supposed to be doing this not that. 
Yet other than this tiny hiccup, I have no problem with the workout. It's fairly fast paced, and Katrina is upbeat throughout. 

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