Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last Minute- Cowabunga 5k Recap

Disclaimer: As a Level Up Runs Ambassador, I received a reduced priced virtual race entry.  As always, all opinions are my own.

So I waited until the last minute to register for this race and then wasn't sure if I was going to get to run it. I registered on Level Up Runs Sunday night and figured I'd just run the 3.1 miles Monday after work. Well I ran  a little over 2 miles, then my tracker app crashed, so I lost all my run. Sigh, so I figured I'd just try again Tuesday... Then Monday night Gin-trouble, one of our cats, jumped from the top of DK's dresser to my foot, waking me out of sound sleep and leaving deep scratches on the top of my left foot. So when I ran my shoe rubbed right over the scratches. Not cool!
But I managed to finish the 5k, although my time wasn't that great.

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