Friday, July 22, 2016

#FitReader Weekly Update

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First Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, on the plus side I don't have strep throat. Yay!
So I think I'm going to keep posting the fitreader update in a separate post, in the long run it will be less work and the bookish people who don't care won't have to read it. Vica versa my fitness folks won't have to slog through the book stuff.
I've decided that one of my goals is to run a 5k, and actually run the whole 3.1 miles. The goal is an October Zombie Run 5k. Usually I end up walking half and running half, but I want to run the whole thing. So in order to do this I have enlisted the help of a couch to 5k esks  program which is 6 weeks. Although I skipped the first week as I could already do the first week runs. I've created intervals on my Zombies Run app so I can do them as part of my workout schdule. Yep, I made a workout schdule and stuck to it for the most part, I ended up moving a few things around, but for the most part I managed to stick with it.  So here's how I did this week...

7/17/16: ran 2.02 miles in 21m:58s
7/18/16: yoga for 15m:00s
7/19/16: 2.14 miles on a treadmill in 21m:25s (Start of interval 5k training)
yoga for 12m:59s
7/20/16: Rest
7/21/16: ran 2.17 miles on a treadmill for 22m:30s


  1. Nice work - great goal! Sounds like you have a great plan to run that race - which is good, with the zombies and all! ;-)

  2. I've done some big races - walking, though, not running, and it's so important to have a training schedule! It may change, but as long as you have some type of plan in place, you know how many miles you need to work up to and then when to taper off - it will help! I've done 2 half-marathons and a 3-day 50 mile walk, and having those training plans really helped! The first time I did one, I didn't train properly and boy oh boy was I sore and hurting!

    I would expect that a zombie race would be a lot of fun!!! Good luck with your training!!!

  3. YEAH on the not strep throat! I always walk my races but a training schedule is super important. You will be glad that you did it when race day comes :)


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