Friday, August 12, 2016

#fitreader update

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All right folks this week wasn't great Monday and Tuesday I didn't do anything I was feeling like crude. I was so tired the heat and humidity was just sucking the energy from me. I forced myself to try and run on weds and it was just a waste of energy. Thursday Boss Lady let us go home early, because of the heat it hit the 90's and I decided to do my 2016 Dog Days 5k. Yes I'm crazy!  If you scroll down I have a giveaway for a free entry to a Level up race. 

How my week went:
7/5/16: 30m:01s of weight training
7/6/16: ran 2.18 miles on a treadmill for 24m:29s and yoga for 15m:43s.
7/7/16: recumbent workout on trampoline 19m:46s and yoga for 15m:46s.
7/8/16: rest (too hot to do anything and wasn't feeling well)
7/9/16: rest (too hot to do anything and wasn't feeling well)
7/10/16: ran 1.11 miles for 14m:12s (Tried to do hill repeats but nearly passed out due to heat)
7/11/16: ran 3.11 on a treadmill for 31m:36s (My 2016 Dog Days 5k)

How Training is going: It's not going good! I haven't even done an interval session this week yet.
7/19/16: Interval Training - 2.14 mi 21:49 mins 10:16 min pace
7/23/16: Interval Training - 2.27 mi 22:27 mins   9:58 min pace
7/26/16: Interval Training - 2.12 mi 21:11 mins 10:04  min pace
8/3/16:  Interval Training - 2.09 mi  21:16 mins 10:15 min pace

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  1. :) It has been crazy hot---all my walks have been inside :)


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