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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Reading

With Halloween right around the corner I want to share a couple series that will get you into the spooky mood. I'm not one who like a lot of gore in my books, I prefer more spooks and ghostly investigations. So I want to share with you all two series that I absolutely love and are perfect to put you into the ghost hunting mood. 

The first is called Taryn's Camera series by Rebecca Patrick-Howard, the premises of this series is Taryn is an artist who specializes in old houses. She has a talent for painting them as they were in their hay day. While photographing an old house she realizes that her trusty camera, Miss Dixie, is actually showing her what the houses looked like in the past.  Armed with Miss Dixie Taryn tries to figure out what the houses and their ghosts are trying to tell her. 

So each book, there are six in the series, takes place at a different location and Taryn takes on new ghosts.

The first book in this series is a freebie on kindle, after reading it I had to get the rest of the series. Ellie is a paranormal investigator, simple as that. Each of the books is a different case. The kicker is there is a lot of other stuff going on so you have to read the series in order.
 Book 7 in the series just came out and I can't wait to read it, but have to as I have a bunch of reviews to do first.

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