Saturday, November 19, 2016

Weekly Update

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So this week I did a yoga strength workout and was hoping to get a weight training one in too. I didn't manage to get the weights in though, the plan is to do that today.

November Goals:
Start tracking calories using LoseIt! : 7/7 I managed to log everyday this week
One day a week of dedicated strength training: 1/7 just the power yoga this week
The step goal is on hold until I get a new activity tracker
Here's what I did this week...

11/12/16: 46 mins Power Yoga Arms & Abs w/ Yin Yoga Deep Stretch
11/13/16: ran 3.45 miles in 25:21 mins
11/14/16: ran 3.46 miles in 25:02 mins
11/15/16:  rest
11/16/16: rest
11/17/16: Grocery Shopping
11/18/16: ran 4.42 miles in 32:48 mins


  1. Looks like a good week. What type of activity tracker are you looking at? I am a bit frustrated with my Fitbit, but I won't get anything new until this one dies.

    1. Thanks. I'm not really sure maybe a Garmin. Since I do a lot of running.

  2. Sounds like another great week! Thanks for sharing at Sunday Fitness & Food :-)


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