Saturday, November 26, 2016

Weekly Update

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So if you read my Runfession yesterday, you already know that I've decided to try and run a half marathon later in the coming year. As preparation for this I decide to start off slow, and enrolled in the Zombies Run 10k intermediate training plan. After this I plan on moving up to the actual Half- Marathon training plan. My plan is to start the half-marathon around the week of January the 4th. Which is when the 10k intermediate plan ends. So wish me luck!

November Goals:
Start tracking calories using LoseIt! : 7/7 I managed to log everyday this week
One day a week of dedicated strength training: 1/7 got in my weights this week. Yay!
The step goal is on hold until I get a new activity tracker
Here's what I did this week...

11/19/16:  Ran 3.34 miles in 27:58 mins
11/20/16:  Weightlifting 30 mins
ran 3.47 miles in 24:35 mins
11/21/16: ran 3.77 miles in 26.58 mins
11/22/16:  Rest
11/23/16: Rest
11/24/16:  10 mins Yoga
11/25/16:  Ran 4.42 miles in 31:36 mins


  1. Nice work! Training for a half marathon is a great goal. I may try to run again next spring and aim for a 10k. Not sure I could do much longer than that any more! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It's very exciting that you've decided to run your first half marathon. It sounds like a smart idea to work on the 10k distance first and then move into the half training plan. Is this a Spring race you are planning on? I look forward to following along on your journey. Thanks for linking, Shandy Jo!

  3. Can't wait to see what half marathon you pick. Do you have one in mind?


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