Friday, January 27, 2017

#FitReader Weekly Update & Jan Runfessions

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So last week J came home from school sick, and brought a nasty cold with her. It hit me Friday not to bad but enough that I was to tired after running around and getting groceries to workout. Saturday it really hit, like a freight train carrying a ton of elephants, I thought about trying to get in something anything but my body screamed "OH HECK NO!!". So I listened and gave it rest all weekend knowing what was in store for me Monday at work. I did do some light yoga (Yoga For When You Are SICK - Yoga With Adriene). But mainly I stumbled through the week doped up on enough cold meds to put down a moose.

If that wasn't bad enough to add insult to injury my phone started screwing up badly (it's been messing up for a while) and DK decided to do a hard factory reset. BAD IDEA!!!! It completely bricked up my phone and we had snow coming. So 7pm we run out and got me a new phone, I then spent and hour on the phone getting everything switched over because of course I had just put minutes on my old one. Granted I was going to get one when we got our taxes but right this second we really didn't have the money to waste. Of course this means that I lost all my training data from Zombies Run.  Maybe the cosmos are trying to tell me something?
Ok but the thing that turned my crappy week into a horrible one was my MIL went in for a scope Thursday. They found something, and it was sent for a biopsy. Let's just say we're not expecting good news, but hoping for it. I don't usually ask for this but if any of you folks pray could you toss one in for her, please? 

January Goals:
Keep up with Marathon training plan: 0/5 
Strength training once a week: 0/7 this week.
Eat healthier: 7/7 
Walking to Mordor: 38.97 /1779 miles

Here's what I did this week...
1/21/17: Sick
1/22/17: 20 mins Yoga
1/23/17: Sick
1/24/17: Sick
1/25/17: Sick
1/26/17: 1hr Grocery Shopping


  1. Oh man sorry about the tough week. Sounds like January was tough for most around here, me included. Praying you MIL gets good news! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Sounds like a rough week. I hope you feel better and I hope your MIL does too.

  3. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way!!! Hope you are at least feeling better - and good for you for listening to your body! I tend to push through it sometimes, but really, just taking it easy and resting is often best. Hope you have a good week :)

  4. Oh sweetie! What an awful week. I wish I could give you a big hug. Definitely sending prayers and healing vibes to you and your family.


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