Thursday, January 5, 2017

{Review} NFP Gear IC Red (Fruit Punch Flavor)

Disclaimer: I received a sample as part of my JackedPack to review for free.  As always, all opinions are my own.

I drank half the glass before remembering to take a picture. 
I got this sample in my JackedPack for Nov, yeah I'm a bit late with the review, and it wasn't bad. According to the directions for your first time taking it you should do half a dose, which is half a package. I mixed half the package with 8 oz of water per directions. It didn't mix very well leaving crud on the bottom of my glass, and we all know how I hate that. 

Sediment at bottom of glass
After having bad experiences drinking the sediment at the bottom I passed on this one. The taste wasn't bad, kinda like a watered down Kool-aid. It took about 30 mins to kick in and then it was very slight energy boast. Honestly the only reason I know it kicked in is the light tingling in the side of my face. I've had this side effect happen before so I know it was the pre-workout, yet it only lasted a few minutes.
Now maybe I didn't use enough but giving my body weight, usually it only take half a dose to achieve the desired effects. Perhaps I should have drank the crud in the bottom, but ugh.
Over all this would not be my first choice of pre-workouts.

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