Saturday, February 18, 2017

#FitReader Weekly Update

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I'm going to start with some good news for once, DK bought me a pair of Fila running shoes for Valentines. Ok he also got me chocolates, and a small pocket knife for hiking. He knows me so well.

In other news I might have jumped the gun my cold is back with a vengeance. I think it's my own fault though. I ended up staying home from work Monday due to several things. Since DK has been sick, with the same thing only about 10 times worst, I figured I'd be nice and burn off some frustrations by shoveling the driveway. We do not have a small drive, it's about the length of two F150's nose to bumper and the width of two side by side. It took me an hour and forty five minutes, to completely clean up, and by the time I was done I was sweating in my snow gear. Probably not the brightest thing to do. Right now the symptoms are above the neck, so I'm going to try and soldier on.

More good news I managed to eat over 2000 calories 4 days this week. Although I think it was the chocolates that sent me over, but hey I'll take it. 

February Goals:
Keep up with Marathon training plan: 3/5 
Strength training once a week: 1/7 this week. (Shoveling snow totally counts as strength training)
Eat healthier: 7/7 
Hit at least 2000 calories everyday: 4/7
Walking to Mordor: 57.74 /1779 miles

Here's what I did this week...
2/11/17: Lazy
2/12/17:  Ran 2.01 miles in 30:50
2/13/17: Ran 2.18 miles in 31:44 mins
60:45 mins of snow shoveling
14 mins of Yoga
2/14/17: Rest
2/15/17: Nada
2/16/17: Nada
2/17/17: 3 hours of grocery shopping


  1. Hope you're on the mend soon! I've had a cold on and off since October when I had bronchitis - just can't seem to completely kick these germs! Love the sneakers - great gift :)

  2. Yea for new shoes and good things! Boo for the cold. I hope you recover soon. Did you ever find out more on the step/rate/phone app situation?


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