Wednesday, March 1, 2017

{Recipe} Coffee Protein Drink

I like my coffee, there I admitted it. In the summer I make my own iced coffee, which costs way less than those fru fru drinks you buy and has less calories too. Yet I was buying those little cans of Starbucks Double Shot Espressos to drink at work, because well they were convenient. Then I realize how many calories they had and decided to switch up to Special K's Vanilla Cappuccino Breakfast Protein drinks. The thing is both of these cost between $5-$7 dollars for four can/bottles. After looking at our budget I realized we need to cut back on the spending. Since I can get a big thing of protein powder for $10 that will last a couple weeks, I decided to try and make my own coffee flavored protein drink.
I like getting my caffeine fix and protein in one go.

1 Cup of Coffee (I like a strong brew or you could even use flavored)
1 Scoop Protein Powder (I used vanilla flavor)
1 Banana

Mix in blender thoroughly.

Makes 1 serving @ 131 calories

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