Sunday, March 12, 2017

Yin Yang Virtual Half Marathon

Yin Yang Virtual Half Marathon from US Road Running completed in 2:10:36

Never ever ever ever again!!! 

So I learned something about myself during this 13.1 miles, I am a 5k and 10k gal. Ok I might have felt different if I hadn't done this on a treadmill but I did. I ran it Saturday March 11th. I felt pretty good in the beginning, had a GU Gel around mile 7 as a pick me up, but around mile 8 I started to get a pain in the right side of my hip it gradually traveled down my right leg. I pushed through and finished pretty strong. By the end I had a blister on the toe next to my left pinkie toe and the pain in my right leg/ hip thing but other than that I felt pretty good.
I think if I hadn't messed up my training so bad I wouldn't have had the pain in my hip and maybe would have done better time wise. Although I'm not upset about the time, it wasn't my main objective that was just getting through the 13.1 miles and not dying. I mainly kept to the pace I had planned, around a 9- 10 min mile.
I'm writing this Sunday and over all I still feel ok, I still have a slight pain in my right hip. I plan on doing some yoga this afternoon to try and work it out. So in conclusion it wasn't bad, but at the end of the day I think I'll stick to under 10 mile races for a while.

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