Wednesday, May 10, 2017

{Recipe} Protein Root Beer Float

This is something I've been thinking about trying, so I picked up the stuff. It's not super healthy, but I really like root beer floats.

1 Cup Root beer soda
1 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Serving vanilla protein powder

I put the ice cream, protein powder, and half the root beer in a blender. Mix well and transfer to a glass, then pour the rest of the root beer over it.

I used regular root beer and vanilla ice cream, because I need the extra calories. So mine came to 470 calories with 29 grams of protein.
For lower calories use diet root beer and vanilla frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream. For an even healthier option, you could also forgo the soda altogether and use root beer extract with soy or almond milk. Although that would probably result in more of a milkshake texture. For a smoothie type drink you could use vanilla greek yogurt, this would also add more protein to the drink.
So there are several ideas for a tasty snack after your workout.

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